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Naming and Introduction

The then ancient locality Bhawal district is currently known as Gazipur. There is a great time-honored portent behind this naming.

It is assumed from different sources that way back in 2500 years ago this Bengal Locality was regimed by the great king Ashok. The “Sakarssorstand” is the reason of this assumption at Joydebpur. From the ancient time Dobak, Dakurai, Shakessor etc. small areas were ruled by the  Pal, Das, Chedi and Chandals.

In the regime of Muslims, this locality was made as larger “Bhawal” district.

From the history it is acknowledged that at the 9th century king Josopal, Sisupal Protap and Mohendro established different precise Samanta Rajjos(province) at Bhawal.

These Samanta Rajjos(province) were then known as Chedi Rajjo(province). Present Sreepur, Kalikoir(partially),  Kapasia, Kaligonj of Gazipur district, Goforgao and Trishal(partial) of Mymensingh district, Savar(partial) of Dhaka district north part of Rupgonj of Narayanganj district, Horirampur Union at the west of Tongi covered the Chedi Rajjos(province).


Different arguments are available in case of naming Bhawal. Bhawal researcher Nurul Islam urges after the end of kings Chandal, Bhawal was under the rule of Gazis’. Vodropal or Vobpal is the origin of Bhawal naming according to some people.

According to Mahavarat, the existence of Vobopal Rajjo(province)  was acknowledged. Different source ensures, “Vogaloy” is origin of Bhawal as it is also mentioned in the Mahavarat. Reasearher Nurul Islam urges that Iean-E-Akbar is the foremost source of name Bhawal in this region.

Historians assume that at the 12th century the ruling of Shen dynasty became frail. In later phase, by the victory of Muslims in Bengal, upraised the Muslim influence throughout the different parts of the region.

Keeping on that the Gazi became the dominant in Bhawal and consecutively all the Chedi Rajjos(province) were under the rule. Thereupon they named the locality “Bhawal” after his name. His actual name was Vaohal Gazi. In the local language, is called by Bhawal Gazi. In the regime of Nabab for collecting the revenue Bhawal district, a thana at Dhirassrom was established. Centering this Dhirassrom, a rich community was originated which is symbolized by the present ruin buildingsand roads at Rahapara, Telninogor, Hyderabad, Rothkohola, Vararul, Meghdubi etc.

In 1947 after the divination of India, the political party Awami League was established. The then Awamil Lague leader Tajuddin Ahmed implemented a map of political and administrative span in the name of “Bhawal” district. Later other political leaders took initiatives to replace Dhaka North Mohokuma by the name of Bhawaldor Mohokuma at Joydebpur. But then the time of Pakistan Govt. ruling, it could not make into happen. However, from then this area was known as Bhawalgor district. After the liberation of Bangladesh many different political parties raise their voice to make Bhawalgor as district.

In 1978 the process of replacing the Dhaka Sadar North Mohokuma to Joydebpur by making the conveyor of the then Chairman of Joydebpur Union Parishad primarily. At that time the then govt. made a committee for naming the Mohokuma. “Bhawal”, “Bhawalgor”, and “Joydebpur”-these three names were proposed by the committee which was sent to the cabinet of the govt. As for the appreciation the contribution of nonpareility the Gazis’ the govt. permitted the name “Gazipur”. And in this course established the Gazipur Mohokuma.

In 1982 Bangladesh govt. had taken the decision of making all the Mohokumas into District. But Gazipur Mohokuma was out of that procedure anyway. For this, dissatisfaction was raised among the local people.

At last making Late Habibullah convenor and A K M Mojammel Haque as secretary a panel of 19 members was formed as Gazipur district establishment committee. By making mass awareness, communication and strike people made the govt. to accept their demand which was reflected as the recognition of Gazipur District. In 1984, 1st march the then secretary of finance M Saiduzzaman inaugurated the Gazipur District. Considering the area, Gazipur is the 7th position in Dhaka division and 39th in Bangladesh.

At glance the Gazipur District-

  • Sole City Corporation
  • 5 Upazilas- Gazipur Sadar, Kapasia, Kaliyakoir, Sreepur and Kaligonj.
  • 4 Pourosovas- Tongi, Gazipur, Kaliakoir and Sreepur.
  • 6 Thanas- Joydebpur, Tongi(under Gazipur Sadar Upazila), Kapasia, Kaliyakoir, Kaligonj and Sreepur.
  • 47 Union Parishad, 814 Mouza, 1330 Villages and 35 Tohosils.

The Gazipur City Corporation is the largest city corporation of the country.

Historical Interest:
First armed defeat in the 19th march, 1971 at Joydebpur, Gazipur.
Since 1967 to still now the 2nd largest gathering of Muslim Community “World Istema” is being performed here at the bank of river Turag.

Noteworthy Institutions:
Ansar Academy at Sofipur, The biggest prison-cell at Kashimpur, sole arm manufacturing industry of the country at Shimultoli, Security printing corporation , Paddy and Wheat Research Institute, TESIS, Tele Communication Staff College, National and Open University, Bongobondhu Agriculture University, Madrasa Teachers’ Trainning Center, Adolence Lighting Centre so on.

Tourist Attractions:
Vawalgor, National Park, Bongobondhu Safari Park, Kaliyakoir Hi-Tech Park, Nuhas Polli etc.

Tajuddin Ahmed, Md. Shamsul Haque, Poulisun D Costa, Ahsanullah Master, M Zahid Hasan

First Liberation Monument “Jagroto Chowrongi” is here

Some of the Banks in Gazipur:

  1. Sonali Bank
  2. Rupali Bank
  3. Agrani Bank
  4. Grameen Bank
  5. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd
  6. ISLAMI Bank limited
  7. Dutch Bangla Bank
  8. National Bank (Bangladesh)
  9. Bank Asia limited
  10. BRAC Bank limited
  11. Mutual Trust Bank limited
  12. Jamuna Bank limited
  13. Trust Bank limited (Bangladesh)
  14. NRB Bank
  15. Eastern Bank Ltd (Bangladesh)
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