Adobe Photoshop CS Installer Process Step by Step

This document explains every of the steps within the Adobe Photoshop Cs installer to permit you to proceed through the installation additional expeditiously.
Windows installation method

1. Begin the installation and choose installation language.

After you set the installation CD into the drive, the primary window that needs you to retort is that the choose the Language window. during this window, opt for the language the installer can use. The default language choice is U.S. English. Either click okay to settle for U.S. English, or opt for another language and click on OK.

2. scan and settle for the code License Agreement.

Next, read, and settle for or decline the code License Agreement. If you click Decline, the installation stops. If you click settle for, the Autoplay window displays the most installation menu.

3. read the Autoplay window and Install Photoshop CS2.

The next window you see is that the Autoplay window. Autoplay is that the easiest method to put in Photoshop Cs. though you’ll close up Autoplay by deselecting the forever Show Autoplay choice at rock bottom of this window, it is best to stay this selection checked. If you would like to cancel the installation, click on the Quit button on rock bottom right of the window.
You can additionally install Adobe Reader from the Autoplay window, or read a spread of flicks and tutorials regarding new options and advanced techniques in Photoshop.
To install Photoshop CS2, click Install Photoshop CS2.
Several little installer windows can show before the Adobe Photoshop CS2 Setup window displays; Photoshop uses InstallShield to perform the installation. once the InstallShield Wizard window displays, click Next to start installation.
Select the language to use to show the Adobe code License Agreement, and click on Next. The License Agreement displays once more. scan the License Agreement. If you click Decline, the installation stops. If you consider the License Agreement, click settle for and therefore the installation continues.

4. Enter client data and code serial variety.

In the client data screen, fill in your name and organization. The organization is elective.
Your serial variety is on the rear of the disc case.Select I even have a serial variety, install full version and kind in your serial variety within the serial variety field. you’ll kind your serial variety in with or while not the dashes. If you get AN invalid serial variety message, you’ll have mistyped variety. Click okay to return, and kind the serial variety once more.

5. opt for the destination for the code installation.

The opt for Destination Location window permits you to vary the placement wherever Photoshop CS2 are going to be put in. you ought to choose the default location. If you would like to put in the code on a distinct magnetic disc, you ought to attempt to keep constant path name because the default, and solely amendment the drive letter designation. (For example, the default drive is that the C: drive. If you would like to put in on the E: drive, click Browse, and within the Current Folder field at rock bottom of the choose Destination Directory window, highlight solely the C and kind E to switch the C with E. Click choose, and Next.)

6. establish file formats to escort Photoshop or ImageReady.
The File Association window permits you to associate specific image file formats (types) with every application. once a file format is related to AN application and you double-click on any file of that kind or format, the file opens within the application related to it. for instance, if you would like Photoshop to open up anytime you double-click a JPEG image from Windows soul or your Desktop, you may manually associate the JPEG file kind to Photoshop. The File Association window permits you to line file associations mechanically at the time of code installation, rather than manually at a later time.
Choose to set every file format listed to either Photoshop (PS), ImageReady (IR), or to not amendment this application related to these file formats. several of the formats square measure set to Windows applications by default, however these aren’t listed within the Photoshop installer. The All To notation button permits you to line all of the listed formats to Photoshop, the All To IR permits all the formats to be associated to ImageReady. to revive the association to the default application opt for Default.
Click Install within the scan to put in The Program window or click Back to vary any your picks in any of the previous windows.

7. Validate setup data and complete the code installation.
You have a chance within the next Setup window to travel back to vary any of your decisions if you would like. Click Install to put in the code.
Windows removal method
Insert the Adobe Photoshop CS2 CD into the drive of your pc.

8. Begin the removal method.
As with putting in, the primary window that displays needs you to settle on a language for installer. when you decide on a language and click on OK, the code License Agreement seems. scan the code License Agreement. If you settle for, click settle for. If you click Decline, the installer stops.
Click Install Photoshop CS2 within the main installation screen, and click on Next to the Welcome screen.

9. Removing and repairing.
When Photoshop CS2 is already put in, you’ve got the choice to repair this put in version, that fixes any issues that the put in version might need, otherwise you will take away the presently put in version. Click take away and click on Next.

10. Preferences and Activation choices.
In the Uninstall Preferences screen, you’ll keep all of your preferences files that you have been mistreatment, otherwise you will take away them. If you decide on to stay your preferences, then Photoshop can look the manner you have custom-made  it after you open Photoshop when you instal it. If you take away your preferences, all Photoshop preferences are going to be set to the default settings. The advantage of removing your preferences is that typically these files will become broken, inflicting downside in Photoshop. a standard troubleshooting technique is to delete the preference files. Click the suitable button, and click on Next.
In the Product Activation Transfer window, you’re allowed to transfer the activation knowledge you used for the presently put in version to a different pc. Click Transfer to try and do thus. If you click Skip Transfer, then you’ll got to activate Photoshop once more, if you’re moving Photoshop to a different pc.
The Uninstall while not Activation Transfer window permits you to get rid of and instal Photoshop on this pc, and keep the activation knowledge untouched. To do so, opt for the Keep The Activation knowledge On This pc choice. If you decide on Advanced – Discard The Activation knowledge On This pc choice, you’ll ought to activate Photoshop CS2.
Click take away to get rid of Photoshop CS2.

Mac OS installation method
1. Begin the installation.
Insert the Adobe Photoshop CS2 CD into your CD receptacle and double-click the Adobe Photoshop CS2 icon on your desktop.
Note: There square measure many scan Pine Tree State files during this folder, that may assist you at varied times. additionally note the Goodies folder, that contains further plug-ins, presets, textures, templates, and stock photos.
To install Photoshop, double-click the Install Adobe Photoshop CS2 road icon. Click still the screen that reads: This Installer package has to run a program to work out if it are often put in. does one need to continue? Click Continue.
When you see the warning to shut Adobe applications, shut any open Adobe applications. Adobe applications share some files, and therefore the installation works best if no applications square measure mistreatment these files throughout installation. If you see icons within the dock for any Adobe applications aside from the Adobe Photoshop Cs installation within the dock, hold management and click on each, and opt for Quit from the pop-up menu. when you’ve got closed all alternative Adobe applications, click still the warning.
Click still the Welcome screen
On the code License Agreement window, scan the License Agreement and click on Continue. you’ll print or save the License Agreement from this window. when you click Continue, you’re asked to Agree or afflict the code license agreement. If you click Disagree, the installation stops. If you consider the license agreement, click Agree.
2. opt for the destination for the code installation.
The Install choose a Destination window permits you to vary the placement wherever Photoshop are going to be put in. Note the quantity of free disc space noted for every volume, and therefore the quantity of area required to put in Photoshop CS2. Click a volume to put in onto; you’ll opt for the default location (usually the simplest option), or a distinct folder (click Choose). when you decide on a volume and a location for the installation, click Continue. Click Install at the simple Install window.
3. Enter user data and code serial variety.
You need to kind your name and mack OS countersign within the demonstrate window; this step is needed by mack OS to put in all applications. when your countersign is echt, the installer begins. within the individualize Your code window, kind within the acceptable data. The fields noted with asterisks square measure needed (the Name field and therefore the Serial variety field). Your serial variety is on the rear of the applying disc case. every of the four variety segments goes into a field; don’t embrace the hyphens after you kind the serial variety. If you see AN invalid serial variety message, you’ll have mistyped variety. Click okay to return, and kind the amount once more to start out the installation.
Mac OS removal method
The removal method for mack OS isn’t automatic because it is with Windows. you’ll take away Photoshop CS2 by dragging the subsequent folders to the trash; but, Photoshop CS2 installs alternative elements, like its facilitate system, Adobe Bridge, and a few common files.
Delete the subsequent Photoshop application folders and their contents:
— Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS2
— Users/ [user name] /Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings
— Users/ [user name] /Library/Preferences/Adobe Photoshop CS2 methods

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