Dr. Megnath Saha – Pride Of The Subcontinent

Gazipur Kaliyakoir-The birthplace of renowned scientist of the subcontinent Dr. Megnath Saha

Dr. Meghnath Saha is one of the best scientists of this sub-continent. In 6 October 1893 at the Gazipur district’s Shewratoli village, he was born in a poor family.  The naming after his name Meghnath is the reason of heavy moonsoon on the day of his birth which was a little bit modaretely Meghnad later. He was the 5th children of Jogonnath Saha and Vubenossori Saha. Internationaly renowned this noble scientist is being eliminated nowadays. Ther sis no action of observing the birht and mouning day of this great from any government or non-goverment organisation.

Meghnath Saha’s educational life was started in his village school. The teachers could assume of his brilliancy. After completing study, his father wanted to take him with his grocer shop. But for the interest of learning huge, his father did not forbid. As there was no school nearly, he has to admit in 7 mile far away in Shimulia S.P. High School. Initially he has to walked by their on foot. Later his brother Joynath Saha managed a job for him at Ononto Kumar Das’s house in condition of hand to mouth.

At  the age of 12 he became  first in the Minor examination and got scholarship.  In 1905 Lord Karjon became the governor of Bangla. He  conspired to divide Bangla into two parts. Started the Bengal Dividation  Movement. Meghnath Saha got in touch with this movement.  When Sir Bamfild Fuller came to visit his school, the students came to school bare footed to show disrespect and Meghnath Saha led in this movement. As a result, he with many students were to be fired from the school. He fell in trouble. As the reputation of being good student, he got admission in Baliati Gotini School.

In 1909 he stood first in the Entrance Examination among the students of the East Pakistan. He scored the highest number in English, Bengali and Mathematics. Then he got admitted in Dhaka College. Here he also showed his excellency. In 1911 he secured the 3rd position in I.S.C. Examintion(present H.S.C. exam).

In 1913 he achieved first position from Prsedency College Bsc. in Mathematics. In 1915 he got first class first position in Msc in Mathematics from Kolkata University.

Reputed scientist Sottendronath Bosu was the classmate of Meghnath Saha.

The then government appointed him by giving scholarship of 125 taka per month to learn German Language from Presidency College.   In this panel  Shoilen Ghosh, Sotten Ghosh and some other people were also. In this time, there were so many inventions in Europe but was not available in Indian subcontinent. Because German Language learned teacher was very few.  Albert Einstein, Neel Bore etc. were well known but their findings were not.

Meghnath Saha’s responsibility was to study on Quantum Theory. He larned German Language by 1 year. Later he started teaching being a professor in Kolkata Presidency College. Dr. Meghnath Saha and Sottendranath Basu translated The Theory Of Relativity by Albert Eistein. Later on the book was published from Kolkata University.

In1916  Meghnath Saha joined Kolkata University in Post Graduate Department of Mathematics  by the proposal of Sir Asutosh and got the responsibility of the department. He showed his excellence in research there. Within only one year , he gained Doctor of Science for the fundamental research on Theory of Relativity and  Astronomy

In1917 Dr. Meghnath Saha ‘s article on “Machwale Stasus”  was  published in Filoshopical Magagine.  He conducted very important research on “Radiation Pressure” and  ‍“Astronomy”. In 1918 Kolkata University honored him by D.S.C. for the fundamental research on “Electromagnetic Theory and Radiation”.  In 1919 his article titled by “Thermo-Radiation and Relativity” was published in German Astrophysics. In the same year he achieved “Prem Chad-Ray Chad” scholarship.

In 1923 Dr. Meghnath Saha joined Allhabad University as professor. In1926 he was elected as the president of Indian Science Congress.  He read out an article at the centennial birthday ceremony of Volta on an invitation of Italian government. His one of fundamental article was published in the record of Havard College of Observative

In 1935 he published a monthly newspaper named by “Science and Culture”. Writings on Science, Sociology, Economics, Industrial Planning were also published. In 1938 he resigned from the Allhabad University and joined Kolkata University in replacement of noble laureate Cidi Ramon as a professor.

In 1940 he established Shewratoli Vubenossari Girls’ School in his maternal village Kaliakoir. Later on was promoted to high school. In 1944 he started working in Kolkata Institute of Nuclear Physics. Its work was closed on 1948.

In 1950 he resigned from Kolkata University. In the same year he formed a committee named by East Bengal Relief Committee to help the migrant. In fact, he got in touch with politics by this work. He directly involved in politics too.   He was follower of Netaji Suvash Chandra Basu.

In 1952 he got huge victory being the opposition candidate of Congress Party from Borobazar. In 1955 he had the same phenomenon

In the same year he restructered the ‘Indian Association Of Cultivation and Science”. In 1979 16 February he passed away at the time of going to New Delhi Parliament by thr attack of brain stroke.After his death, his established “Kolkata Institute Of Nuclear Physics” was renamed as “Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics”. His renowned invention was ‘Heat Ion Theory’. For his great contribution at the moon one of cave openings were named as “Meghnath Saha’s Opening”. His contribution in literature is also remarable. His number of books is 186 almost.

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