Excessive Sweating! What we should Do?

It makes life miserable by sweating over. The cloths become such soggy that it seems just having a bathe. It is a well known hesitation for the experienced people. Not only the soggy of clothe rather of feeling tiredness and odour makes one to unexpected situation in society.

Kidney acts as a filter for the body. All the germs of the body are removed by the filtration of this organ. What the relation of sweating with kidney is! Many unwanted dirt and substances are got out by sweating.  Probably for this in ancient time if the kidney fails to work soundly, the sicked person was covered with blanket that s/he sweats much. And so the kidney failure patient got much sweating and felt a bit well.  It is excess to say that to be healthy and remove some unnecessary and harmful substances from the body, sweating plays a vital role.

But everyone does not sweat same. Someone sweat more and someone sweat less. Let’s have a look for the reason of over sweating:

Sweating depends on heredity system sometimes. Sometimes depends on the environment. More or less on   the physical work and on the situation of mental health it means on the excitement, hyper tension etc.

Aprocrine sweating creates odour in the body. It originates from the arm joining and sexual organ.  For the lacking of adequate cleanness also odour can be created. To remove this regular bathing and anti-bacterial lotion can be used. Besides sent, deodorant and perfume can be used. Using of Triclosham soup gives a good result.

There is a relation with food habit also. Specially eating of much spicy food, excess garlic and meat, if it does not digest properly, sweating can create much more odour. As the anti-job Gentamysine, Osysomysin type lotion can be used twice a day.

Food habit in solution to over sweating:

It is common to drink a lot of glasses of water to solve this problem.  But not only just water rather a little bit salt, sugar and lemon juice can be added for the better result. Because by sweating with the impurities a good amount of Sodium(Na) and some amount of Potassium(K) and Bi-Carbonate gets out from the body. Because of the imbalance of Sodium Bi-Carbonate body feels weak and excited. To protect this, there is good enough role of adequate diet. By sweating, it gets thrust and so most of the people drink much water. But the physician prescribes to drink drinking.

Besides below measure can be followed for over sweating:

  1. Juice of curd and coconut water can be drunk. First of all, curd juice is tasty and secondly the Lactic Acid helps to digest verily. The coconut water contains Potassium which refreshes the health.
  2. Juice of unripe mango keeps the body cool.
  3. For the older people if they have over sweating are suggested to drink drinking of salt, lemon and sugar immediately in order to avoid sudden senselessness.
  4. If the body feels weak and over sweating two or three glasses can be good enough. Will get energy in work. In the summer season it is not necessary to drink of two or three liters water rather need to drink sufficient water according to the demand of the body.
  5. People who need to remain most of time out of home can carry a pot of water also.
  6. Dead rice (panta vaat in Bangla) can be eaten which keeps cool the body.
  7. Eating of much fruits can heal the demand of water. It also contains vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant also which keeps charm the body. Water melon, Litchi, Cucumber, Ripe Papaya etc. can be eaten. Ripe Mango eating can be a good solution of storing vitamin A for the health too.
  8. Homemade Fruit juice can be drunk in lieu of cola.
  9. Less spicy foods are verily discouraged to be eaten in the summer season.
  10. Overall having a good code conduct in regular life can solve this problem merely.
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