Humayun Faridi -The Great Actor of Bangladesh

Mughal Emperor Humayun may not be known to all but the man of culture Humayun Faridi is familiar enough to all. The name starting with Humayun, all are famous like Humayun Ahmed, Humayun Azad, Humayun kabir, Humayun Faridi and so on.

But one and only man of culture and enthusiasm Humayun Faridi will be focused in this writing for this time.

Humayun Faridi

On 13th February, 2012 silently he passed away by making heartbroken more than corer of fans. The favorite actor is being remembered respectably. He says “I don’t have any idea except acting”. He was a very joking personality. He used make others laughing at the set of play.

How remembers so jokes are! Once on asking, he replied “Life is a joke; we will be no more one day. But jokes will be forever.”  Such as this persons’ absence will not be filled up any more. It is well-known that his personal life was also very spontaneous.

Humayun Faridi born on 29th May of 1952 at Narinda, Dhaka. His father A.T.M. Nazrul Islam was an officer of Jerry Board. For the reason of his occupation, he has to move at Moulovibazar, Brahanmanbaria, Chadpur, Kishoregonj, madaripur and many places.

His mother was house maker. He was used called by “Pagla”, “Shomrat”, “Goutam” for his undisciplined life style.

He took his primary education from his own village. He passed high school from Islamia Govt. High School and admitted in the Chadpur Govt. College. He passed Intermediate Exam on 1970 and admitted in the Organic Chemistry in Dhaka University. On 1971, he joined the liberation war. But after victory of Bangladesh, he did not continue his study. But after passing 5 years of vagabond life, he completed his Honors’ and Masters’ Degree from finance subject at Jahangirnagar University.

He became first class first in the Honors’ level. He came into the touch of renowned play writer Selim-Al-Deen. In this campus, he wrote a play “Attostho and Hironmoider Brittanto” and directed the play also. He was actor of this play too.

In the student time, he became a member of Dhaka Theater. Got in touch with the stage drama.  He also established many play centered organization.

In the decade of 1990, he joined the cinema world.

A stage drama of Selim-al-Deen “Songbad Cartoon” is the beginning of Humayun Faridi’s acting life. But at the age of 12, he also performed in the local area of Kishoiregonj in the play of “Ek Konnar Jonok”.

His famous acting in the stages is “Shokuntola”, “Fonimonsha”, “Kittonkhola”, “Muntashir Fantacy”  etc. Humayun Faridi’s last theater drama was “Voot” on 1990 which was directed by him.

“Nikhoj Songbad” was his first play in television wahich was produced by Atikul Haque Chowdhury. It was very popular in the decade of 1980s that “Vangoner Shobdo Shuni” in BTV, the role of Seraz Talukdar. On writing of Selim-Al-Deen and the direction of Nasir Uddin Yousuf Bacchu, Humayun Faridi was in a living role of cap and beard monumental body.  “Aare ame to jomi kini na, paani kini, paani”, “Dudh diya khaiba na paani diya khaiba baajan” – were his popular dialogues.

His spontaneous role in the play of Sohidullah Kayser in “Shong-Shoptok”(1987-1988) as  “Kaan Kata Romzan” is unforgettable.

“Diu vuboner dui basinda”, “Ekti laal shaari”, “Neel nokshar sondhane”, “Durbin diye dekhun”, “Bokulpur Kotodur”, “Mohuar Mon”, “Shaat asmaner siri”, “Pathor somoy”, “Somudre Gangchill”, Chandragorntho”, “Kaser manus”, “Kew kotha rakhe ne”, Mohona”, “Johura”, “Protoddhoini”, Srinkhol”, “Priyojon nibas”, “Octopas”, “arman vai the gentleman” and so on are his footprints of achievement.

He was enormous in his acting. He could make the spectators laugh and cry. People could not distinguish his acting from the reality. His every acting creates a new dimension in the arena of play.

Negative or positive-hero or villain in both characters, he was unique.  Once people only went to the cinema hall for him. He was an uncompetition able actor. He could manage to hold his fans till up to his death. When it was 2003, he left the cinema world. Then the spectators also gave up going to the hall. His last cinema “Ek Kaap Chaa” was released on 2014.

He got award from the Jahanginagar University for his glorious achievement in play. He got “Jatiyo Cholochitro Puroskar” as the best actor in the film “Mattrito” on 2004. He was also worked as a guest teacher in the department of arts and play of Dhaka University.

The fans of 1990 decades, like him a little bit more. Because it was his rosy season. He was also very popular in Radio.  His popular dialogue was “Aare maaf de re maaf de, lasher maaf de”.

He was also popular towards the junior artist. Once Chanchal Chowdhury was eating with different smashes, he noticed that and invited him to his home. There Humayun Faridi treated with him a lot of different smashes.

After the liberation of Bangladesh, he married to Nazmun Ara Begum Minu with the garland of flower Belly who was the sister of his classmate. His wife wanted to keep away him from vagabond life. But she was unsuccessful. And so their marital life could not last long.

Later before the death of 4 years ago, he married with Subarna Mustafa. But this relationship was also be broken .

He dreamt to act in the Shakespeare’s play “King Lear” at the age of 60. But he could not do that.

In his personal life, he could be happy may be. But it can imagine that he was satisfied with his drama life indeed. Thus he could manage to create a lot of fan who still like him as before.

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