The Amazing HumHum Waterfall – Sylhet

Crystal clear water is felling on the big stones. Water drops are flowing up, making the shadow of fog. Through the 150 feet up, wild hilly path is being preceded. This hilly stricter formed with numerous unnamed foliage covering. The stream is swapping on the ground.

Tourists from home and abroad are being excited to have a look of the newly originated water fall HumHum at the Komolgonj of Moulovibazr district day by day. Overcoming many ups and downs of hilly tracts, through the deep forest, visitors are being gathered here nowadays.

It is located at the Kurma Bonbit of Rajkandi forest Komolgong, Moulovibazar, Sylhet. The local calls it HumHum. Many reach there by passing hard and risky path of the high hills as there is no road. They enjoy this adventure.

For the lacking of govt. sponsorship and initiative, the communication system of here is very poor. Besides not for much spreading of this spot, it has been out of sight for a long time.

The foliage of the both sides charms the visitors. The butterfly spread its colorful wings in the shurb of Jarul, Chikrashi and Kodom. Dazzling is on the leaf of Dumur shrub. All the around is full of foliage and chirping of birds. Different types of bamboo also grow here. Walking through the hilly path, melodious chirping of the birds’ soothes the mind with amusement.

From the far away, discrete wild living sounds are also being heard. Proceeding some distances, the glamorous view of clouds will be appeared. Will seem that the eye catching view his is calling to meet. By walking like this, HumHum Water Fall will be achieved. The sound of the stream will make someone crazy to float oneself.

There is a calm and peaceful environment at the surrounding. There will be no way to see here and there. Only one will like to enjoy the outstanding creation of the Almighty. With the shouting of wild animals and water falling, creates an unimagined able environment. It is common to forget where and how are for a while.

History of the Spot

The tribal people says that once fairy were used to have bathe at the falling point of the water. A bathroom is said “HumHum” in Arabic word.  And the sound of water stearm is also called “HumHum” in Tipra language. For al of these, the place is named so. The place form where the water falls of 200 feet above is located at the Tripura border of India before.
To go to the HumHum Water Fall there is two way in the jungle. At the beginning of the forest one is at the right side and another is at the left side. It is better to go through one way and come back through another.  By that both paths can be enjoyed. The right path has more ups and downs and many up way has to cross and the left path has comparatively less up way but has to cross a long way.

It is better to take help from a guide. Because it is very common for the newcomers to loss the proper direction. And it is wise worthy to keep a   bamboo stick always. Because the slippery muddy paths are not easy to walk. Also keeping salt and mustard oil is good to get rid of the insects.

Communication System

The feasibility of reaching is Airplane, Railway, and Bus. But Railway and Bus can be more preferable, because it reaches directly to Moulovibazar.
Komlapur railway station has available direct trains to this destination.
On the other hand, Buses from Sayedabad, Kollanpur, Gabtoli are also available for the whole days of the week. Both A/C and Non A/C bus is available.

After reaching to Moulovibazar, Minibus, Micro-bus, Car, Taxi are available to reach Komolgonj of about 25 kilometers way. The rest 15/20 kilometers will have to walk on foot. Thus the 150 feet height and 80 feet broad HumHum Water Fall will be appeared.

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