The Most Valiant Hero Lance Nayak Nur Mohammad Sheikh

(26 February, 1943 – 05 September, 1971)

Terse Resume

Name: Nur Mohammad Sheikh
Year of Birth: February 26, 1936
Place of Birth: Village-Mohishkhola, District-Narail.
Father: Mohammad Amanat Sheikh
Mother: Jenatunnesa
Designation: Lance Nayek
Sector in the Liberation War: Sector No 08
Death: 05 September, 1971
Graveyard: Kashipur village of Jessore.

Lance Nayek Nur Mohammad Sheikh is a martyr freedom fighter. He joined the liberation war being a member of the sector number 8 on the year of 1971. He showed much courage in the battle field. He was one of them who attained the most prestigious “The Most Valiant Hero” award by The Government of the Peoples’ Republic Of Bangladesh.

Antediluvian Life

Nur Mohammad Sheikh was born in 26th February 1971 at Mohishkhola, Norail. He was from a poor family. His father’s name was Mohammad Amanat Sheikh and mother’s name was

Jenatunnesa. He lost parents at his early age. He was very dare devil. After completing the local Primary School, he took admission in High School. He did not continue study after class 7. He married in his own village woman named Total Bibi of a solvent farmer family.  On 14th March 1959, he joined the East Pakistan Rifles. After working for a long time in Dinajpur, he was posted to Jessore sector on 10 July, 1970. Then he was promoted as Lance Nayek. On 1971, he joined the 8 number sector which was formed including Jessore region. He was under the command of Nazmul Huda and fought from Kashipur border at Sarsha Thana of Jessore.

Contribution In The Liberation War & Way Of Becoming Martyred

On 1971, September 5 Nur Mohammad was sent before the own Shutipur Base, he was made the captain of 5 members. The standing petrol was located to Goalghati village of Jessore. At 9.30am suddenly the petrol got surrounded from 3 sides by the Pakistani Millitary and started firing. In respect to this, the freedom fighter also fired from the back. In spite of that the petrol could not be recovered. Suddenly, Sepoy Nannu Mia injured by a bullet and fell on the ground. Nur Mohammad took him over the shoulder and started firing with his L.M.G. at random and so the enemy deferred. Suddenly a mortar shells fell on his right shoulder. Being grounded, he tried hard and fast to save Nannu Miya. He gave his L.M.G. to another freedom fighter Sepoy Mostafa and told him to take away Sepoy Nannu Miya at a safe place and also commanded others to defer and had a safe place. But he did not leave a battle field. He continued to fire with the rifle of Mostofa. He continued the battle until his fellows got a safe place and kept the enemies concentration center to him. The fact was that the enemy had modern weapons and Nur Mohammad had only a rifle and he was alone then. After the time being he lost his soul and become martyred. Later his dead body was found in a bush.


Nur Mohammad gained the most prestigious “The Most Valiant Hero” award by The Government of the Peoples’ Republic Of Bangladesh.

Location Of The Graveyard

This liberation war hero was buried at Kashipur village of Jessore on 1971.

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