Liberation war of Bangladesh

1st . Freedom Fighter Of Bangladesh

2nd . Liberation War Of Bangladesh

3rd. Language Movement

Freedom Fighter Of Bangladesh

Freedom is that the birthright of man, however typically this right is denied to a nation by foreign rulers. As a result, armed conflict takes places between and if freedom-loving individuals and also the occupation forces.

Sometimes the war continues for years and if the individuals square measure united and determined then the liberty fighters win and also the country achieves independence. The individuals of East Pakistan fought a wonderful war of independence against the Pakistani occupation forces in 1971.

In this Great War the Bengali members of the military the scholars and also the individuals from all walks of life took half. They fought for long 9 months and defeated the well-trained Pakistani forces. East Pakistan became a free country. The folks that fought against the Pakistani army and also the folks that took half within the war effort square measure known as the liberty fighters. several of the liberty fighters sacrificed their lives for the reason behind the fatherland. we have a tendency to owe our freedom of those noble freedom sacrificed their lives for the reason behind the fatherland. we have a tendency to owe our freedom of those noble freedom fighters. the liberty fighters can stay immortal within the history of East Pakistan (Bangladesh)

Liberation war of Bangladesh

The war of liberation of Asian nation from the occupation of Pakistan was fought in 1971.

The Pakistani ruling camp and their unconditional interest unpleasant woman began to treat East Pakistan that was then People’s Republic of Bangladesh as a colony of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Therefore, below the leadership of Bangabandhu tribal sheik Mujibur Rahman a violent mass movement was launched that resulted during a landslide triumph of the Awami League at the election of the National Assembly of Asian country in Gregorian calendar month 1970.

Thus Bangbandhu noninheritable¬† the proper to from the govt. of Asian country together with his majority within the Parliament. however below cowl of negotiation with the Awami league leader President Yahiya Khan hatched a conspiracy. On the fateful night of Annunciation, 1971, Bangabondhu was taken a captive to Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They additionally attacked the law enforcement agency, The EPR and also the geographic region Regiment World Health Organization resisted them tooth and nail. The Pak army continuing to kill individuals. Torture girls, burn homes loot property and harm crops. One core of individuals fled away and took shelter in neighbour Republic of India. Meantime People’s Republic of Bangladesh was declared freelance Bangladesh. a replacement government was fashioned at Mujibnagar. The Mukti Bahini was organized and trained. They began to hit back the Pakistani hordes. In fact, everybody in East Pakistan was a freedom-together and did his best to assist the Mukti Bahini. whereas the Mukti Bahini gained in strength and potency and unbroken the occupation army in utter embarrassment, the Pakistani forces attacked Republic of India attributable to her support on the East Pakistan issue.

Eventually the Mukti Bahini and also the Indian forces fashioned a Joint command and inflicted crushing blows on the enemy in each sector compelling them to surrender. On the sixteenth of Gregorian calendar month, 1971 the Pakistani troopers relinquished their arms to the Joint Command at a ceremony in capital of Bangladesh. so when long 9 months of massacre the war of Liberation came to associate degree finish East Pakistan won freedom. currently the sixteenth of Gregorian calendar month is determined because the V-day.

Lnaguage Movement

The Language Movement was a singular movement applied in Bangladesh that is currently Bangladesh.

Pakistan came into being in 1947. The Islamic Republic of Asian country West Pakistan rulers to present correct honour to Bangla the language of fifty six population of Pakistan World Health Organization lives within the erstwhile People’s Republic of Bangladesh . In March 1948, prophet Ali solon, the governor of Asian country, declared within the convocation of capital of Bangladesh University that Urdu and solely Urdu shall be the state language of Asian country.

The loyal individuals of East Pakistan took it as an excellent blow to their culture. The declaration sowed the seed of Bangla Language Movement. the scholars and also the politically acutely aware individuals created sturdy protest against this. On Gregorian calendar month twenty one, 1952 the Language Movement Committee set to travel to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Assembly House from capital of Bangladesh University. The People’s Republic of Bangladesh Govt. publicized¬† section one hundred forty four within the University and Assembly space. the scholars of People’s Republic of Bangladesh desecrated it. The police opened hearth and also the street of capital of Bangladesh University was stained with the blood of Barkat, Salam, Jabbar et al. the subsequent day strike paralysed the entire of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. eventually the Asian countryi rulers were compelled to simply accept Bangla mutually of the state Language of Pakistan. This Language Movement created a replacement national awareness that culminated within the creation of East Pakistan. Bangladesh observes twenty one Gregorian calendar month as Martyr Day.

The UNO declared this date as International Mother Language Day.

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