Movement or Exercise- Feel At Home

Either it rains or not in the hot weather no one likes to go outside for having exercise. But it is necessary to have a light exercise everyday for remaining fit. Thus requires some equipment.

It is wise worthy to select the style of exercise accurately. Because the reason is that people have different height, weight and stamina. So the experts suggest to choose the procedure properly otherwise it may bring sufferings for someone.

First of choosing the basic exercises are good for the beginners. Heavy exercise should be chosen on later stages.

One thing to be remembered that once feeling good after the exercise does not meant that it’s enough. Rather it should be continued for a good result. Different days exercise should be different. It removes the monotony of doing exercise. 40-45minutes is an ideal time for exercise.

Pressure should not be taken in one day rather to increase it gradually.

Different types of exercise

For doing exercise in home, it has some features. For example, in the home, there is not so much space, so running in the home is not prescribed here. Rather Jumping of movement of organs can be done here. On the other hand, Dumble Lifting, Barbell, Push-Up, Skipping, Treadmill, Cross trainer, Bits, Back ranch, Aerobics, Yoga, and Stretching etc can be done in the home.

But there is difference between male and female exercises. That is mentioned beneath-

  • Women exercise

Normally, for the women, exercises are relatively not heavy. But they need to exercise to keep themselves fit in regular life. The below exercises are suitable for the women according to the experts:


It refers to the movement of the body organ with the rhythm of music. In this process the body organ moves in an aesthetic way. It’s a free hand exercise which requires no equipment. Different types of aerobatic music are available in the market. For the beginners, low intensity based track can be preferred.


In this exercise, only a comfortable matt is necessary. Before starting this exercise, one can have a walk for 10 minutes. And the minds should be kept calm and relax. The place should be as much as silent. Anyway, the sitting style should be as much as comfortable. Early morning is the best time for this kind of exercise. It is a exercise for both mind and health.


It is a kind of jumping over a rope or cable. It is a childhood play for most of the people. But it can be a key to good health for the adult. But the heavy or overweight women are suggested not do this exercise. As it has harmful effect on the knee and ankle.

Stand Jogging:

It’s a totally free hand exercise. Someone needs to stand and just move the legs. By this the whole body can be exercised too.  Not to be much more tired, rest can be taken for a while.


It is nothing else than a walking on a walking lap. It can also be done at corner of a room.

  • Men exercise

Normally, the exercises of the male are a little bit heavy and tough. The exercise is focused on the development of the muscle of the men. That’s why, they need to do so. But for home exercise, some are mentioned below-

Shoulder Circle:

Stand at right position and look forward. Fold the right hand and rise up to the ear. Move backward, forward and up and down in a rhythm.  It can be done for 8 times. Same procedure is for the left hand. Breathing should be as usual.

Side Bend:

Stand at vertical position. Keep distances between two legs more than the distance of the two shoulders. Stand in a unstrapped position. Keep the two hands behind the waist. Now curve the mid-body into left to right position for one or two times. Do this for sixteen times. Exhale in the curve position and inhale in the right position.

Trunk Twist:

Stand at the right position. Taking more space than the distance of the shoulders, curve the knees and keep the hands at the back of the waist. Keep the backbone straight and round the mid-body from right side to left side. Do it in rhythmic way for 16 times. Breathing will be natural.

At the end, it is an urge to have exercises regularly. It should be enjoyed and should have a regular time for this. Certainly, it will keep health of both mental and physical in safe and sound. Enjoy the life!

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