National Parks, life Sanctuaries and Game Reserves

Protected spaces in Bangladesh cowl some a pair of of the country’s total area or 243 677 angular distance. There square measure eight national parks in Bangladesh also as seven life sanctuaries, 5 conservation sites and one game reserve.

Bangladesh’s National Parks is outlined as comparatively giant square measureas of natural beauty wherever the flora and fauna are protected and preserved for the general public to get pleasure from and gain education. life sanctuaries square measure selected square measureas wherever life and natural resources are protected and for the availability of undisturbed breeding. A game reserve is outlined by the govt. as an area that protects life also as serves to extend the numbers of assorted species.

Bhawal park in Gazipur was established in 1982 to preserve necessary habitats and build opportunities for recreation, education and analysis. The outstanding style of flora is thicket sal forest. Himchari park was supported in 1980 at Cox’s Bazar. Semi-evergreen also as deciduous forest dominate the realm. Ramsagar park, developed in Dinajpur in 1974 encompasses unreal forest of decorative and fruit trees.
Below may be a list of Bangladesh’s National Parks, life sanctuaries, game reserve and alternative conservation areas.

01. Bhawal park – Gazipur

02. Himchari park – Cox’ Bazar

03. Kaptai park – port Hill Tracts

04. Lawachara park – Moulavibazar

05. Medha Kassapia park – Cox’s Bazar

06. Modhupur park – Tangail/Mymensingh

07. Nijhum Dweep park – Noakhali

08. Ramsagar park – Dinajpur

09. Satchari park – Hobigonj

10. Char Kukri-Mukri life Sanctuary – Bhola

11. Chunati life Sanctuary – port

12. Pablakhali life Sanctuary – port Hill Tracts

13. Rema-Kelenga life Sanctuary – Hobigonj

14. Sundarban (East) life Sanctuary – Bagerhat

15. Sundarban (West) life Sanctuary – Satkhira

16. Sundarban (South) life Sanctuary – Khulna

17. Teknaf Game Reserve – Cox’s Bazar

18. Baldha Garden – Dhaka

19. Dulahazara expedition Parks – Cox’s Bazar

20. Madhabkunda Eco-Park – Moulavibazar

21. National arboretum – Dhaka

22. Sitakunda arboretum and Eco-park – port

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