Non Lit Up Sacrifices Of The Liberation War -1971

It is well known to all about the most valiant heroes of the liberation war of Bangladesh. Their contribution in the war is inevitable. But it a great sorrow that approximately 3 millions of people sacrificed their lives for the sake of the motherland. They all are not been remembered by the nation by name. Actually it is a very hard nut to crack task. However, now time has come to mention towards the countrymen step by step. Such as two of great freedom fighters respectively named by Alam and Arab Ali.  They both are from Rajendrapur, Gazipur, Bangladesh. Their contribution is being described beneath-

Martyred Alam

The Pakistani military arrested him by hostaging the leading persons of the locality. He helped to pass the truck filled up with arms letting to go towards freedom fighters of Kapasia. And it was his fault according to the enemy. For this, the gateman of Rajendrapur railway station and Torfuddi of Rajendrapur were also arrested.  Then they were brought to the cantonment of Rajbari, Gazipur. After the persecution, they were asked to swim in the water. While swimming, they were fired. Martyred Alam was from Barishal. He was the second husband of Jabeda Khatun inhabitant of Rajedrapur. He also was an employee at Rajedrapur Cantonment.  It is noted that Jobeda Khatun Falani was the better half of Arab Ali at the beginning of 1971. But she lost her husband and for safety of her kids, she again married to her second husband Alam. But she again lost her family. Being defeated in life struggle, she further married. The elder son of Bangabondhu gave her a certificate honoring as the martyrdom family. She was very poor and so she could not preserve the document. Because it was eaten by the insect. And so after the 1975, she could manage to get any privileges.

Martyred Arab Ali

Probably at the beginning of the liberation war at the month of March, he was killed by the Pakistani military and was fallen into the well. He was accused of fleeing by seeing the military. And the place was Noagao, Dokkhinpara. Basically, Arab Ali was from Mymensigh.  He stayed in the Rajendrapur as he had married with Jubeda Khatun Falani.

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