Unfading Memory of Pop Star Azam Khan

Full Name: Mohammad Mahbubul Haque Khan.

The symbol of pop song Azam Khan, in the world of Bangladeshi song. He is renowned as the master of pop song. He passed away on 5th June. He left a sea of songs in combination of folk, modern and awareness creating song.

Azam Khan born on 28th February, 1950 in Dhaka Azimpur5 at 10 number government colony. His full name is Mahbubul Haque Khan. His father Late Muhammad Aftab Uddin Khan. His father was an administrator officer at the secretariat home of department. Personally he was a Homeopathic

School Life:

He was admitted in Azimpur Dhakessori School in class Baby in the year of 1955. In 1956 he was admitted in Provincial School in the class of Primary situated at Komlapur. Then in 1965 he admitted in the department of Commerce in Siddesssori High School. He passed the SSC examination in 1968 from this school.

College Life:

He took arms for the freedom of the motherland at time of his college life. After the liberation war, he started singing. He debuted himself in the arena of music by “UCHHARON” artist group. At the beginning of the 1970 his first music concert was telecasted on Bangladesh Television. Since then he became popular throughout the country.Gradually became the symbol of the pop song.

Personal Life:

On 14th January, 1981 he married Saheda Begum. Then he was 31 years old. After the passing away of his wife, he lived alone. He is the father of two daughter and one son.

First Child: Ema Khan, Granddaughter Fairuz  Binte Hasan.
Second Child: Hridoy Khan
Third Child: Oroni Khan.
Present Address: 2, Poet Jashimuddin Road, Komlapur, Dhaka-1217.
Elder Brother: Syed Khan, Profession: Govt. Service Holder.
Second Brother: Alam Khan, Profession:  Composer and Musician.
Younger Brother : Liakat Ali Khan, Prodession : Businessman.
Younger Sister : Shamima Akter Khan

Azam Kahan led a very simple life. He had more than 17 hit music album. It has sold several millions of copy. But because of the copy right in transparency, he had not economical solvency.

And for the insolvency, he could not get treatment from Singapore. Fighting with the fatal disease for almost one year , he passed away on the 5th June.

Remarkable songs of Azam Khan:

Azam Khan was at a time composer, musician and singer. He was the pioneer of pop singing in Bangladesh.  His fascinating pop songs were popular in the youth. Not only in Bangladesh as well as in the sub-continent, he got his popularity.

He performed in a number of foreign concerts. And that was attracted by not only the migrant Bangladeshis rather the abroad music lovers too. He sang on different types of Bangladeshi songs.

Pop Star Azam Khan

Though there is substitute of “ Ore Saleka Ore Maleka “ song in the the alley of  ghetto but still now with the wave of time the renowned song of “Rail Liner Oi Bostite” song used be heared in the mobile of the young generation. He made room by this song in 1974-1975 through Bangladesh Television.

His another renowned songs are “ Ami Jaare Chai Re”, “Alal O Dulal”, “Accident”, “Onamika”, “Ovimani”, “Asi Asi Bole”, “High Court Er Mazare”, “Papri”, “Badha Diyo Na”, “Jee Meye Chokhe Dekhe Na” etc.

Occupation: Singer

Specialty- Patriot, Mankind Hearted, Freedom Fighter, Father of Bengali Pop Song.

Title- Emperor of Pop Song, Legend Azam Khan, Master.


He had huge enthusiasm in playing. He was familiar as a cricketer. He played first class match as a team member of Gopibag Friends Club from 1991 to 2000. He showed his potential by playing many matches in 9 years.

Emperor of Pop Song at the End:

He had cancer in his mouth. Taking after treatment from home and abroad, it could not be cured. Splendid singer the Azam Khan left the world on 5th June, 2011 being 61 years old.

Azam Khan is no more but his songs are still alive. He will remain forever by his singing among us.

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