Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park Gazipur, Bangladesh

The largest park in Asia ‘Bangabandhu sheik Mujib safari Park’ Bangladesh. The Park is in Gazipur district that is simply almost about Dhaka town.

From Dhaka to park distance near  40KM (Kilometres) in Bagher Bazar, The Bagher Bazaar is Dhaka Mymensingh route when pass Joydobpur (Gazipur) Chowrasta, then locomote on the Mymensingh road and are available to Bagher Bazaar then you’ve got to settle on the trail (road) of side. you’ve got to use car ricksha or CNG as transports to achieve at the park. Bangabandhu park is 3 kilometres far from Bagher Bazaar. when obtaining within the park, you’ll see Tiger, Lion,
Kangaroo even archosaurian also(but these aren’t alive).

Bangabandhu Safari Park

All of those animals ar sculpture so for hospitable the guests. the total park is consists of regarding 4000 acres of land. Recently  Dof (Department of  Forest) free Tiger, Lion, White Lion, Bear, Maya Deer, sambur ruminant, Zebra, Giraffe, Wild Coast, Camel, Emu etc to draw in native and International guests. within the park, they need created lots of things like

Information And Education Centre,
Nature History repository,
Park workplace,
Rest Room, Dormitory,
Wild Life Hospital,
Crocodile Park,
Lizard Park,
Fancy Duck Garden,
Crown Figent building,
Parrot building,
Dhonesh building,
Macaws Land,
Marine tank,
Orchid House,
Butterfly Garden,
Climate House,
Vulture Corner,
Pending Bridge,
Monitoring Tower,
Tiger Observation eating place,
Tortoise Breeding Centre,
Food Court,
Elephant Show Gallery,
Bird Show Gallery And
Child Park.

Here is arrangement of bus and nada service for guests (local & international)
Entrance Time: 9AM to 5PM everyday. Weekend: Tuesday.
Entry Fees: Adult BDT -50.00, children BDT-20.00, Foreigner BDT-400.00

Foods: within the parks have food arrangement with sensible eating place, you’ll take your food from here (it’s very little expensive).

Outside food isn’t allowed within the park.

More Info:
* campaign by AC Bus: one hundred Tk (The bus can take you into the Lion and Tigers area).
* Living with Bird: ten Tk
* Living within the Jungle: ten TK
* Paddle Boat riding: fifty TK
* CNG and car offered there. you’ll go there by Taxi or personal automotive additionally.
* Auto: Fare Tk. 20-30 per person (From Bager bazaar to Park area).
* personal automotive parking : Tk one hundred.00 per car.

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