Sea Beaches In Asian Country – Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar- The longest ocean beach within the world

Cox’s Bazar, the foremost engaging tourer spots for bangladesh|Bangladesh|People’s Republic of Asian country|Bangla Desh|East Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation and not just for Bangladesh it is the longest ocean beach within the world .

Seventy-five miles (120 metric weight unit meters sandy ocean beach with a delicate slop)

and it is the tourer capital of Asian country. Visit beach is that the main reason that is shark free and smart for bathing, swimming & sun-bathing. various native tourer & foreign tourer return Cox’s Bazar to pay their leisure in Cox’s Bazaar.

Cox’s Bazar ocean beach is jammed virtually throughout the year. it’s a decent place for bathing. Anyone will go there each by air and road from national capital and urban center.

Cox’s Bazar could be a community. however the natural fantastic thing about the city is extremely charming. The climate of this place is extremely fine. The Bay of geographic region lies on the south of it. there’s a high normal tourer centre at this place. There square measure smart arrangements for the keep of the tourists of various countries of the globe. several foreigners return to the current place. The individuals of the place square measure terribly mild. lots of fish is out there there.

Enquire concerning Tidied schedule before taken your tub

Don’t tub be you’d knee-deep water

contact beach police for any emergency

wish you a contented & pleasurable holyday

thanks you for visiting our beach

Kuakata – The Longest Sea-Beach

Kuakata within the district of Patuakhali solely a couple of miles away to the south from Khepupara, is that the longest sea-beach within the world.

This beach of bewitching beauty attracts thousands of tourists per annum. The beach is ten Kilometres long and a couple of kilometres wide . therefore the east there lies the dense woods named as Rangamati and to the west it stretched up to the border of the Sunderbans.sea-beach-gp

This is the sole sea-beach from wherever one will get pleasure from the charming sight of each the sunrise and therefore the sunset scenes. the sweetness of Kuakata will solely the enjoyed and not delineate. the most effective time of the year to go to the beach is winter.

If anyone desires to get pleasure from the incomparable  beauty that nature may bestow on this spot lavishly. One could do thus by reaching khepupara 1st then to begin for Kuakata by bus or by launch and there lies Kuakata to a small degree ahead.

Patenga , Fouzdarhat ocean Beach

The Patenga beach (Bangladesh) is additionally one amongst fashionable ocean beach of Asian country. The Patenga beach could be a ocean beach situated fourteen kilometer. south of the port town of urban center. you’ll be able to see its natural beauty and therefore the Scenic sunrise and sunrise

How to go:

It may be employed by bus or machine jinrikisha to travel to the place.

Patenga ocean beach is fourteen kilometer south of the urban center town.

It is situated at the mouth of the watercourse Karnaphuli. Patenga could be a fashionable tourer destination in urban center town. This beach is very broken in 1991 by Cyclone. however currently This beach aspect Dam is made by Cement. monarch Amanat International aerodrome is found close to Patenga. ton of port pier situated here.

Inani Beach (the fine golden sandy beach)

Inani Beach is additionally the gorgeous ocean beach in Ukhia Thana and concerning thirty two metric linear unit to the south of Cox’s Bazar beach.

Inani Beach is additionally renowned for Rock and Coral boulders and it’s beauty is same as Cox’s Bazar. The water of Inani Beach is Blue and really clear however less for tourer shortage, transportation and accommodations.

Laboni Beach

Welcome to Laboni Beach Asian country and Laboni Beach is that the main beach of Cox’s Bazar, you’ll be able to see it’s natural beauty. Laboni Beach could be a beach wherever you see the natural beauty. It’s ocean Beach. Asian country has several ocean beach. Laboni Beach is one amongst them. so, visit Laboni Beach.

Parki Beach

Parki Beach are going to be ensuing tourer place of Asian country that’s set at Gahira & lies at Karnafuli watercourse Channel. This beach is concerning fifteen metric weight unit. Long & 300

Feet to 350 feet wide with twenty kilometer. bush forest and concerning 17/18 metric linear unit aloof from the urban center city.

Any traveler will get pleasure from to look at The Bay of geographic region & The Karnafuli watercourse and may observe the massive ship anchored at the outer dock, sunset, fishermen catching fish in ocean, numerous colored crabs etc.


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