The Most Valiant Sepoy Hamidur Rahman

(2nd February, 1953 – 28th October, 1971)

Precise Bio-Data

Name: Mohammad Hamidur Rahman
Birth: 2nd February, 1953
Birth Place: Village-Khalishpur, Upazilla-Mohespur, District: Jessore (Present Jhinaidah)
Father: Abbas Ali Mondol
Mother: Mosammat Kaysunessa
Designation: Sepoy
Sector in Liberation War: 4 number
Death: 28th October, 1971
Graveyard:   Dhaka Intellectuals Graveyard

Mohammad Hamidur Rahman took part into the war from the 4 no. sector in the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. He is a martyr freedom fighter. His Solder No: 3943014.  He was one of those who got the most prestigious award The Most Valiant Hero in the liberation war. He was the youngest of only 18 among this prestigious group.

Birth and Education Life

Mohammad Hamidur Rahman was born in village of Khalishpur, upazila of Mohespur and district of Jessore (Present Jhinaidah). His father’s name is   Abbas Ali Mondol and mother’s name is  Mosammat Kaysunessa. In childhood, he went to the Khalispur Primary School and later on studied for a short time in local Night School.

Professional Life

In 1970, he joined the military as a Sepoy. His first and last unit was the East Bengal Regiment. After the admission in the military, he was sent to the Chittagong East Bengal Regiment Center for training.  He took part in the liberation war on 25th march night with some other units of East Bengal Regiment by declaring the ‍army mutiny.

Contribution In The Liberation War

On 25th March of 1971, he went back to his native village because of the attack of the Pakistani Military. Staying one day there, he went for the Sylhet district’s Sree Mangal thana’s east tea garden at the border outpost Dholoy in order to join the liberation war. There he joined the sector number 4. On 1971 he took part to take over the Dholoy Border Post mission of the freedom fighters. At the very morning sharp 4 am the freedom fighters took their position near to the target point. They proceeded having two platoons of soldiers in front and one at the back. Just reaching to the target, a mine was blasted. Though they reached very near to the target point, but could not reach to goal as there was heavy machine gun firing by the enemy side. On 28th October there was a huge battle between the 1st East Bengal Regiment and 30A frontier force of Pakistan. There were 125 fighters from the side of East Bengal Regiment in that mission.  The freedom fighters pursued decision of Granade attack at the enemy machine gun post. Hamidur Rahman got the duty of throwing Grande.

He started Grande attacking by creeping through the hilly lake.

Two Granades successfully thrown to the machine gun post, but soon after he was fired by the enemy. Having this physical status, he fought by hand with two of the enemies. And by this he made the machine gun post inactive. In this chance, the freedom fighters proceeded the target aggressively and took over the place. But Hamidur Rahman could not taste the victory. His dead body was found later. He was graved at the nearest family graveyard of Hatimsora village of Tripura province in India. Once the graveyard was submersed as it was in a lower place. On 27th October of 2007, the Care Taker Government took decision of taking back his dead body in Bangladesh. According to the decision, on 10th December of 2007   team of Bangladesh Rifles received the dead body and took back with befitting manner through the border Bibihaat at Comilla. On 11th December the martyr dead body was graved with the most state prestige at the Dhaka Intellectuals Graveyard.

Prize And Awards

For the great sacrifice in the liberation war he achieved the highest military award of “The Most Valiant Hero”. Besides, his village is newly named by Hamidnagar. There is a govt. primary school also by this name. A stadium is in the Jhinaidaha Sadar and a ferry by naming of him too. On 1999 a college was established in the Khalispur. After the liberation of 36 years, the ministry of liberation war established a library and a memorial museum in his village. On 12th June 2007, at the premises of the college, it had been started the construction funding by about 62 lakh and 90 thousand taka.

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