The Most Valiant Sepoy Mustafa Kamal

(16th December, 1947 – 18th April, 1971)

Precise Bio-Data

Name: Mustafa Kamal
Birth: December 16, 1947
Birth Place: Village-West Hazipur, Thana-Dowlat Khan, District: Vola.
Father: Habibur Rahman
Mother: Mosammat Maleka Begum
Designation: Sepoy
Sector in Liberation War: 8 number
Death: April 18, 1971
Graveyard: West Point of the Village Dourin.

Mustafa Kamal took part into the war of liberation from the 8 no. sector in 1971. He is a martyr freedom fighter. He was one of them who achieved the most prestigious award “The Most Valiant Hero”.

Birth and Education Life

Mustafa Kamal was born in December 16, 1974 in the village of West Hazipur, Thana of Dowlat khan, District of Vhola. His father was a Habildar in the military. He had much courage from his childhood. He could not long his study. After the primary school, he studied in the high school for 1 or 2 years.

He passed his childhood in the Comilla Cantonment. He liked the activities of the soldiers more than the study. Gradually he dreamt to a member the military. At the age of 20, he was missing suddenly from the house. Later on 1968, after the confirmation of job in the 4th East Bengal Regiment, his parents got his status.

Contribution In The Liberation War:

Mustafa Kamal was sent to Brahanbaria from Comilla Cantonment at the beginning of 1971. Then the war spread throughout the country massively. The situation of the cantonments was grown with excitement. As soon as the liberation war started, there was establishment of three defensive fort surrounding Brahanbaria at the endarson lake. The Akhaura 4th East Bengal Regiment ordered the 2 number platoon of village Doruin to take over the security. To enhance the activity, he was designated by oral order to be Lance Nayak at the time of the war.

The Way of Becoming Martyred:

On 16th April, the Pakistani military proceeded to diminish the 4th East Bengal Regiment by the Comilla-Akhaura rail line. On the next day 17th April, the Pakistani military started Mortar and Artiliary attack on the freedom fighters. Then Major Shafayet Jamil ordered the 11 number platoon to join with the platoon of the previous platoon of the village Doruin.

Habildar Munir reached Doruin village with 11 number platoon. There took position in the trench receiving bullets from Sepoy Mustafa Kamal.  At 11am, the enemies started bombing. At the same time, it started raining cats and dogs. At the 11.30am,from the position of enemies at Mogra Bazar and Gonga sagar started shooting. At the 12 am, direct attack was from the Western Part. The soldiers became in a fix by the frequent attack. Some of them died. Mustafa Kamal began to fire desperately. His eastern soldiers began to move in a new place and requested Mustafa too. But letting to be moved safely, he continuously kept firing by L.M.G. on the enemies. And so, although the enemy came in range of 70 yards, but he did not stop. By this, the enemies could not run after his fellows. But once after finishing of his bullets, he could not save himself. He passed away.

He had been graved by the western part of green paddy field of village Doruin.

Prizes And Awards:

For the great sacrifice in the liberation war he achieved the highest military award of “The Most Valiant Hero”. Besides, a college was established by his name where at the premises, a library and a museum also established by the Zilla Parishad of Vola. Also the name of the village Moutupi was changed into Kamalnagar.

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