A New Route to Reach – Sajek, Rangamati, Bangladesh

Sajek is a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh.  People from home and abroad visit this place all most the year round. The aesthetic view of this spot invites the nature lovers again and again. And so they visit there sometimes for several times. The weave of clouds charm the visitors. Occupies their mind with great joy. The combination of hill and cloud has made the place for “Heaven of cloud in Bangladesh”.

A New Route to Reach – Sajek

Geographically the location of Sajek is at the district of Rangamati Hill Tracts. It is under the Baghaichori Upazila. It is about 2000 feet above the sea level. The place is developed and maintained by the Bangladesh Army. There is also a camp of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). It is actually near to the Mizoram border of India.

The common way to reach Sajek is by bus. At first, one has to reach the district of Khgagrachari Hill Tracts. Then to Dighinala. And from there to Sajek by Jeep. The road of Sajek is very curvy and ups and downs. The path has been passed through the hills. Many beautiful scenarios are to be seen at the journey. The last part of the road is about 3 kilometers is straight up! There is no way push break of the Jeep.

But nowadays a new is route is being popular by the visitors. And it is by boat. The feasibilities of this route is that one can enjoy numerous types beautiful view while floating on the Kaptai Lake.

The Sajek Valley is called the roof of Rangamati. From the tip of Konlak, if the sky is clear, the Kaptai Lake is seen in a magnificent view not with the lens of camera rather the retina of the eye!

There is a deep jungle besides the Konglak tip. It is the part of Khachalong Reserve Forest.  The foliage surrounded is Sajek Valley. The green environment soothes the eye.

To go Sajek Valley by boat, one has to start from Rangamati. Has to hire a boat from Rangamati bazar. The journey will have to start at the very morning. Floating on the clear water of the lake, many water and wild living will be appeared. The calm flow of water fills the mind of the tourist.  The blue water attracts the visitors most.

The zigzag water way passes through the hills. Some tribal residences are also seen over the hills. The flying of birds and their chipping stranges the visitors.

Sajek, Rangamati, Bangladeh

Green hills clear water, blue sky all together makes a heaven like view. Gradually, one by one island will be passed by. Catching of fishes by the fisher men will also be seen.

Break can be taken at the Shuvolong Bazar for a while. There is also water surrounding. The calmness of the nature brings peace in the mind of spectators. The outside seems a portrait.

Later lunch can be done at Longdu. Which can be reached by crossing island village Kattoli. The Kattoli bazaar is being floated on the water. The Longdu is it’s water base.

It’ a greenish loacality by the lake.  From there have to hire a jeep. The jeep passes through the green foliage of the hill. The hills seem to recumbent on the sky. There may have a tea break on the way. But the sun ray at the mid day also enjoyable here.

Under the open sky. As far as to see, only the green will be seen. It’s as though a realm of green. The tribal people also cultivate in the hill. They call it JOOM CULTIVATION.

After crossing the hilly locality Urobazar, Gongarammuth, Nondoram, Ruiluipara will be appeared. The place of Sajek Valley.

At the evening, the Sajek Valley covers up with a mysterious beauty. The stars in sparkle. The moon light gives a new look to the valley. The white cloud covers the area. And creates a realm of cloud. The whole area becomes lighted.

The fog also plays here and there. One can used think himself surrounding the palace of fog. A little distance is also look like the foggy realm. Such as another world it is!

The Route in at a glance:

Anywhere to Rangamati-Rangamati Bazar- Shuvolon Bazar-Longdu-Ruiluipara-Sajek Valley.

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