Twenty two Varieties of Delicious Native Fish from Lake – Majid Mia Hotel_Awrakhali

Place: Gazipur, Kaligonj Upazilla, Zanglia Union, Awrakhali Bazar

November 5, Saturday

At sharp 10 a.m. called Brother Syful, the regular customer of the restaurant who make known about the restaurant through face book. “How there be reached?” was the question. “CNG(the local popular transport, runs by  natural gas) is available from Gazipur, getting down from the CNG, Awrakhali Bridge. Right after the bridge, on asking someone, Majid Miya’s restaurant will be seen”, was the reply of Brother Syful.

In the cats and dogs journey started by VIP( the popular bus  transportation company in the capital), as his suggestion. Reaching to Gazipur, Shibbari got a rickshaw and went before the Deputy Comissioner’s Office, actually before the field of Razbari. The CNG drivers were shouting for Ayorkhali and got in one of them without any delay. Rented for 50BDT , walked for 5 minutes, keeping the UMBRELLA above head and a bag in the shoulder, as it was raining till then. Asked a person on the way for Majid Miya’s restaurant after 5 minutes and he pointed the direction.

Imagine that! A tin shaded restaurant! A large number of customers gathering! Someone welcomed. Sat down for eating after washing hand in the Tube well. “What kind of fishes would you like to take?” asked the waiter serving a plate of boil rice.” “Get all the types” was the reply. One after one different type of fish curries were coming before.

Eating up continuously as claimed for food lover usually. Could not count the number items but 10-12 different types will be at least. Full plates of boil rice and many number of fish curries made me tensed for the payment for 400-500BDT. Myt stars! It was only 200 BDT as for asking and was certainly glad. “It will be good enough to make a group of 4-5 persons to visit the restaurant. Nether less, for a single hospitality will be same” previously informed by Brother syful. He added that then it would cost for about 800-1000 BDT.

Then introduced to the owner of the restaurant Mr. Afzal. He informed that along with his brother Mofazzal Hossain Khan started the restaurant by naming their father Abdul Mojid Khan in 2001. At the primary stage, it was started with Boiled Rice and curry of fishes but then it was not so popular as it was in a rural area, so village men rare to come here.

Most of the people are from out of the local like Gazipur, Joydebpur, Kapasia etc. of far distant. Running after 12-13 years of the restaurant for 2-3 years it’s being popular by the grace of ALLAH.

Many renowned personalities used to visit there from different areas. The High Officials also visit there withtheir families. Used to they offer some extra money which Mr. Mojid does not want to take. His saying is that people visit his restaurant are his guest and to hospital them heartily is his duty.

“ Customers’ satisfaction is our most priority, not the money” .By the social media people come here. Fishes are bought at the very early morning and are prepared by the workers. Fishes are collected from the local canal “Belai Bill”. “Coock on order” is their service policy.

It can be undoubtly say that once who has visited there will definitely like go there again and again. Here in short the names are (in Bangla)-

Chingri, Shoil, Mola, Tengra, Puti, Koi, Shing, Magur, Foilla, Chanda, Aiel, Pabda so on.

Mr. Mojid does not do only business rather takes part in social welfare activities too. It makes him feel happy.

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