The Most Valiant Hero Muhammad Ruhul Amin

(June, 1934 – 10th December, 1971)

Resume In Short

Name: Muhammad Ruhul Amin
Birth Year: June, 1934
Birth Place: Village-Baghpachra, Upazilla- Shonaimuri, District- Noakhali.
Father: Azhar Patowari
Mother: Zolekha Khatun
Designation: Squadron Engineer
Sector In The Liberation War: Sector No 10
Death: December 10, 1971
Graveyard: Lukhpur of Rupsha Dock Yard.

Muhammad Ruhul Amin pursued in the liberation war being a member of the sector number 10 in 1971. He is a martyr freedom fighter. He was one of them who attained the most prestigious “The Most Valiant Hero” award.

Birth and Education Life

Muhammad Ruhul Amin was born in June, 1934 at Village-Baghpachra, Upazilla- Shonaimuri, District- Noakhali. He was the first child of his parents. They were 6 brothers and sisters. After finishing the Baghpachra Primary School, he attended the Amishapara High School. After completing SSC from here in 1953, he joined the Pakistan Navy.

Occupational Life

Muhammad Ruhul Amin was sent to take primary training Karachi’s nearby naval base P.N.S. Bahadur which is situated in Arabian Sea, after joining the navy. After that he joined the P.N.S. Karshaj. Later he worked skillfully in P.N.S. Babar, P.N.S. Khaibar, P.N.S. Tughril. On 1958, he completed his professional training. He was elected for Mechanican course on 1965.  After completing the course in P.N.S. Karshaj, he was appointed as the Artiofficer. He was transferred to P.N.S. Bokhtiar Naval Base in Chittagong on 1968. On 1971 he fled from the base to his home. There he joined the liberation war with the civilians. After some days, he went to the sector head quarter at Agartola by crossing the border through Tripura, India. There till the month of September, he fought from sector 2.

Contribution In The Liberation War

In sector 2, he fought against the enemy in leading of Major Shafiullah and conducted operations. In the month of September, 1971, it was decided to form Bangladesh Naval Force. That’s why, all the members of navy who were fighting for the motherland, were asked to gather at Agartola and formed sector number 10. Ruhul amin also joined there. Later for the situation demand, it was planned for forming a sole naval force of Bangladesh. By the initiative of Indian Naval Captain Monindranath, different sector’s naval members were gathered. And by this, after the formation of Bangladesh Naval Force, he returned to Kolkata. The Indian Government gifted two Gun Boats to this force at Kolkata Dockyard.

It was made by using two buffer gun of Canadian style and four mark mine of British style weighing of 500 pound. The Gun Boats were named respectively “Padma” and “Polash”. Ruhul Amin was the arti-officer in engine room of “Polash”.

The Way of Becoming Martyred

On 6 December, after occupying the Jessore Cantonment, the “Padma”, “Polash” and “Pavel” of Indian allies rushed to took over the naval base P.N.S. Titumir at Mongla Port in Khulna. On December 10, 1971 at 12.00 a.m. when the gun boats reached near to the port, three warplanes were seen at the high sky. The crews of “Padma” and “Polash” asked permission for firing. But the leader of that operation Captain Monendranath forbade thinking of the warplanes of India. But suddenly the warplanes started to fly at short height and bombing over the “Padma” and “Polash”. The first bomb was fallen on “Padma” directly which destroyed the engine room. Many sailors of “Padma” got injured. Seeing the situation of “Padma”, the commander of “Polash” told the sailors to escape the boat. But Ruhul Amin denied the command and ordered to continue firing to the warplanes. But the other crews did not unfollow to the commander. They did not fire. In the course of time, the warplanes destroyed the engine room of  “Polash” by frequent bombing. Ruhul Amin got injured. In spite of that he continued the battle for saving “Polash”. But matter sorrow that he could not because the engine room burnt out massively and his right hand was not adjacent by the hit of bomb. Soon after he jumped over the Rupsha River. The mighty Ruhul Amin reached to the bank in this situation too. But the bloody country assistant of the Pakistani enemies killed him by Bayonet charge painfully. His dead body was fallen there carelessly for some days. He became martyred. Later the local people graved him near the River Rupsha in the village of Bagmara and there was a memorial established later.

Prizes And Awards

On December 15, 1973 according to the govt. gadget notification, announced the seven names as the most valiant hero. Muhammad Ruhul Amin is one of the remarkable figures.

A Ro Ro Ferry was named after by him. The new village name Aminnagar was made before Bagdura in Noakhali. Ruhul Amin Memorial Museum and Library was established by the local administration before the house of Ruhul Amin spending by 62 lakh taka. In Chittagong The Most Valiant Ruhul Amin stadium also has been established.

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